Creation of the “Loigny-la-Bataille” endowment fund

For several years the town of Loigny-la-Bataille, the community of towns of Beauce d’Orgères and the association called Les Amis de Sonis-Loigny have been working together to preserve the heritage linked to the war of 1870 and the memory of the honourable men who fought in it.

Various actions have been undertaken to this effect including keeping the museum open, making a memorial trail and organising commemorations for 2 December 1870.

Today, the partners wish to take the project further to ensure its perpetuation and increase awareness of it. In order to do so, a two-pronged programme has been launched involving restoration of the church of Loigny-la-Bataille and extension of the 1870 War Museum adjoining it. The decision to create an endowment fund was made to provide contributions to this ambitious programme.

An easy tool at the service of a project of public interest.

Created by the law of 4 August 2008 on the modernisation of the economy, endowment funds are an easy tool for facilitating patronage, a compromise between associations of the law of 1901 and foundations.

Endowment funds have a legal character and enable altruistic funding for actions of public interest. The members of the fund expect nothing in return and act in the framework of the endowment fund’s social objective.

Members of the endowment fund

The community of towns of Beauce d’Orgères

The community of towns of Beauce d’Orgères is currently leading the renovation work on the museum of Loigny-la-Bataille, and will be in charge of the opening and running of the future museum, which is destined to become a high-quality cultural establishment within the region.

* The community of towns of Beauce d’Orgères is composed of 5,743 inhabitants in 17 towns: Baigneaux, Bazoches-en-Dunois, Bazoches-les-Hautes, Cormainville, Courbehaye, Dambron, Fontenay-sur-Conie, Guillonville, Loigny-la-Bataille, Lumeau, Nottonville, Orgères-en-Beauce, Péronville, Poupry, Terminiers, Tillay-le-Péneux and Varize.

The town of Loigny-la-Bataille

For two years the town of Loigny-la-Bataille has ensured the opening and running of the museum of Loigny. The Town Hall is currently carrying out cleaning and restoration work on the Saint-Lucain church (mortuary chapel and ossuary). The aim is to restore this site full of memories to its former glory.

The Les Amis de Sonis-Loigny association

Monseigneur Harscouët, Bishop of Chartres from 1926 to 1954, started the first association to support the measures he was taking for the beatification of General de Sonis. The current association dates from 1950. Initiated by Father Thévert, it allowed the construction of the old museum. In particular, it aims to make known and commemorate the examples shown in Loigny by General de Sonis, the Zouaves of General Charette and all the heroes of the battle of 2 December 1870.