A commemorative church

The decision was made to build the church on 2 December 1871, in remembrance of those killed in the battle of Loigny the previous year and the events surrounding it. A national subscription for the construction of this memorial was launched. The new buildings, designed by the architect Lucien Douillard, were inaugurated on 2 December 1874. The bell tower was built 25 years later (1899). It was built on the site of the old presbytery. The former 12th-century church, devastated during the battle, was demolished and its cemetery moved elsewhere.

The church contains the funeral chapel, the crypt, the ossuary and graves. The mortuary chapel containing the ossuary is listed as a historic monument, and the church is listed in the French Supplementary Historic Monument List.

Restoration of the mortuary chapel

A large amount of deterioration (cracks, peeling images, wear etc.) currently threatens the long-term survival of the site. Major restoration work must be started without delay in order to restore the chapel to its original beauty.

Works schedule