Over 100 years of history

After the war of 1870 the vicar of Loigny-la-Bataille, Father Theuré, collected various objects from the battlefield. He soon started to receive donations from inhabitants and former soldiers.

In 1907 his successor, Father Bélaue, opened the first small museum (covering 10.5m²) in the kitchen of the presbytery. Donations continued to come flooding in and in 1957 the new vicar of Loigny, Father Thévert, commissioned the extension of the museum. The new construction covering 65m² was erected between the church and the presbytery. After the death of Father Theuré in 1990, the town of Loigny and the association called Les Amis de Sonis-Loigny took over responsibility for maintaining the church and museum open until it was taken down in 2015.

Extension and redesign of the museum:

The planned works will allow the museum’s surface area to be quadrupled (252m²). These new spaces will ensure conservation of the collections and allow them to be showcased.

The local and general context of the war will be able to be understood better thanks to new digital equipment, such as a new immersive multimedia space which will plunge visitors into the heart of the battle of 2 December. The commemoration work undertaken through construction of the church will be continued. The project will take on a strong educational dimension: a new mediation policy will enable more school visits and allow awareness to be raised among the younger generations.

Works schedule: