Germans buried in Loigny

The fighting was particularly violent. Nonetheless, after the battle farmers spontaneously left plots of land to allow the Germans to bury their dead. Without a doubt this gesture can interpreted as the result of a mixture of fear and compassion. Certain plots are still owned by Germans.

Commemoration in the name of fraternity

While a spirit of revenge was developing in France, the sovereign of the German Empire, William II, presided over commemorations for the 25th anniversary of the battle of Loigny.
During commemorations for the 100th anniversary, in a desire for a sense of fraternity among the people, the bodies of 60 German officers were dug up and placed in the ossuary with the 1,200 French soldiers.

French and German friendship is celebrated regularly in Loigny. In 2000 the military delegate for the Embassy, Colonel Klaffus, evoked the memory of the German soldiers in Fougeu.

In Place du 2 December 1870 in Loigny he also planted a Maidenhair tree, a plant representing peace and considered to be a symbol life and renewal because it survived the atomic bomb. The Maidenhair is also the favourite tree of the city of Weimar, where Goethe lived.

Keeping the memory alive

The duty of remembering the past is respected each year with the ceremonies held on 2 December in Loigny-la-Bataille.

The commemorations assemble civil, military and religious authorities. Always bringing a message of peace, it constitutes an opportunity to pay tribute to the memory of the fallen.

The memory trail

The memory trail, composed of 10 information points, was opened on 2 December 2007. The trail reveals the iconic sites of the battle of Loigny. An orientation table has been installed to allow people to understand the importance of the fighting on 2 December 1870.

This memory trail was created by the association called Les amis de Sonis-Loigny and the Town hall of Loigny-la-Bataille. It was jointly financed by the community of towns of Beauce d’Orgères, Pays Dunois, Pays de Beauce and the European programme “Leader”.